11 lessons from Buddha, which will help you in life

Have you ever thought about why all Buddha statues depict him calm, peaceful and smiling? This is because Buddha revealed the secrets of life through her severe reality.

He knew how to notice the beauty of the present. To achieve the same feeling of inner calm and happiness, we suggest you familiarize yourself with some of his life observations. Forward…

How much do neither try to hide the truth, sooner or later she will still open. Very stupid to hide her for lies, because the truth will justify itself.

Malice &# 8212; Deadly weapon. She kills not only the enemy, but also you. When you’re angry, your words will bring you out of equilibrium and wounded others. Therefore, advice is simple &# 8212; try to keep silent when you are annoyed.

We usually expect attention and love from others. In the process of such expectations, we begin to neglect by ourselves. We try too hard to get someone else’s attention and often forget that you first need to love yourself, to then be able to love others and be loved by others.

The meaning is that you need to try to develop happy positive thoughts. Optimistic attitude much better negative thoughts. Remember &# 8212; the glass is not half empty, he is half full.

Ties to things &# 8212; One of the biggest mistakes that we do in life. At that moment, when we become too dependent on something, we start to lose it.

Truly enlightening quote! Here the Buddha advises us to learn from your own experience, and not on other people’s eyes. What is suitable for one, it does not necessarily suit another.

11 Lessons from Buddha, which will help you in life

Look good it is important, but to be a good person it is truly. Absolutely incorrect to judge some of his appearance, and not on its internal qualities.

Even if you surround you &# 171; dirt&# 187; but you are quite strong to confront the bad, you will grow like a lotus, even in a puddle.

Buddha teaches us to see the difference between love and lust. In love you feed relationships. In lust you just satisfy your physical needs.

To achieve the Great, start with a small. It does not matter what you start with little attempts; If you are steadily to continue your way, one day you will come to the goal.

Life &# 8212; This is one big trip, and you &# 8212; traveler. It is better to live and travel than to think about the future, losing the calm of the mind. Live fully now, in the present moment, not the past or future, &# 8212; The best way to enjoy this life to us.

11 Lessons from Buddha, which will help you in life

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