5 ways to cope with doubts

Every period of time doubts his abilities. However, sometimes doubts are paralyzed, not allowing to live normally and develop. Business coach Sonya Thompson shares five simple, but effective strategies that will help overcome uncertainty and start acting.

The syndrome of the impostor is more likely to suffer. Doubts affect not only a professional sphere, but also a personal life. We say: "If I go to Chinese courses, the children will be bored in the evenings," "I will not come out for me, you should not even try," if I refuse him, he can offend "… As a result, a foreign language is not learned, business is not started toxic people poison life.

It is impossible to always be confident by 100%, but you can learn how to cope with doubts when it is necessary.

1. Plan your activities

Deadline – the best motivator. That yesterday seemed difficult, it is done easily and quickly, because tomorrow is deadline. When dates are far or blurred, you can sit and think, are you enough good for this work. When time presses, in doubt there is simply no chance.

Make plans so that there is no time to think. Even if you do not have urgent work, complete the task or part of the project to an earlier term. So you will protect yourself from the need to work at night or on weekends, if the boss will put an urgent task before you.

5 Ways to cope with doubts

If you fear that unreal dedulens will not motivate you, agree with colleagues about mutual motivation. In regular meetings, let each other promises to perform work to a certain period and report on the results.

2. Give yourself in motion

According to the first law of Newton, the body at rest remains at rest, while some power does not work on it. To overcome doubts, start moving, to create a pulse take one step.

5 Ways to cope with doubts

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