7 obvious signs of quiet violence

Emotional violence is not always expressed in open humiliation and insults. Sometimes it is almost unnoticed, because it hides under different masks, but it does not become less destructive. Do not want to be a victim – learn to recognize it.

Violence is ruthless and ill-treatment. Now we are talking about emotional violence, which is accompanied by a cry, crying or complaints. But it happens hidden so that it is impossible to recognize.

Such invisible domestic violence is called quiet. This is his verbal form, which is expressed as words and silence. The problem is distributed even among those who are not related to family bonds. Perhaps you have noticed more than once that people, employees or relatives behave. Emotional violence has seven signs that are worth knowing.

1. Hamsie sophisticated. Talking nasty, without increasing the voices, also form of emotional violence over partner. Call a friend or partner with all sorts of offensive nicknames like a "brake" – manifestation of emotional cruelty. In addition, the violence of this type can come from a colleague or boss. Similar smears are found not only in romantic relationships, they must be stopped.

7 Obvious signs of quiet violence

2. Low intentions. The partner calls you "Zhirdyan", then declares that you wanted to penetrate, and you react so bravely. The emotional attacker can declare that you are too sensitive, and he just joked. Everything is done so that you are awkward from your claims. Such behavior is a form of verbal violence, which is often found in romantic relationships and at work. It may affect your attitude towards yourself. You should not suffer, do not take similar attacks.

3. Imposed wine. Playing the feeling of guilt – also form of emotional violence. The purpose of this manipulation is to make you do something against the will.

4. Full Ignore. Partner or friend stops communicating and breaks all contacts if you put him. You can meet with a stone face or overlook the ice cold. Such behavior is the worst kind of quiet emotional mockery.

7 Obvious signs of quiet violence

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