Charming! What is true beauty?

Spring beauty salons are overflowing: we want to transform, change – lose weight, improve the skin of the face, make a manicure and pedicure. What about inner beauty? What does it give and you can "develop"?

Phenomenon of love

Whether it happened to you: you have long been in an active, but unsuccessful search for a partner, but it was worth falling in love with the surrounding men started to make you compliments, surround the attention, invite on dates?

Why it happens? The state of love transforms a person: it appears in the inner "radiance of beauty". This light is visible to the naked eye, it attracts and causes a response love. This state is not faked, but you can run it in yourself and develop. And by how.

Power and relaxation

Charming! What is true beauty

Chinese medicine, which I do, is built on the concept of "qi" – vital energy. To understand whether it has enough of you, easy: if you are healthy, you easily get up in the morning, you are glad to work, you have time for walking, sports and entertainment, it means that the strength is at the level. And probably you can easily fall in love and enjoy life.

If the forces are not enough, it’s impossible to rejoice in the world: then the dollar rate jumps, then the washing machine breaks. And the smaller the forces, the stronger the misfortunes, who in the "resource" state would you hardly notice.

To raise the resource, first of all you need to get enough sleep and eat right, and in the second – to master the gymnastics, which will help … fix the posture. The fact is that the wrong position of the body is formed on the basis of the usual stresses, on the maintenance of which we spend a lot of strength. It is worth breaking out of this closed circle, as the feeling appears that the forces have become two, and even three times more.

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