"For 4 years, the daughter scored 45 kg. My husband and I shocked "

Daughter 28, over the past 4 years, it recovered at 45 kg. And does not understand that it is trouble. Believes that I do not like her and shy her fullness. In fact, my husband and I shocked, because she does not want to lose weight. I, looking at her, crying grief. She promises every time – and breaks down. Now does not want to communicate with me. My soul rifles on the part. We live far from each other – I think there is not only food, but alcohol is present.

I share your concern, faith. Such an increase in weight will first of all pernicably affect the health of the girl. You have not written, with which such a sharp weight increases. Stress? Singing emotions? Violation of hormonal balance?

But if the weight continues to grow or not decreases while trying to build other food behavior, then the speech here is about food dependency. And then it is already necessary to work professionals: a nutritionist, a psychologist, perhaps even a psychiatrist.

After all, it is necessary to build a new healthy food behavior to reduce weight. So, answer not only to the question: "What I eat?", But also for 4 others who directly touch food behavior. Here is the list:

  1. What we eat?
  2. For 4 years, the daughter scored 45 kg. My husband and I shocked
  3. Where we eat?
  4. When we eat?
  5. How much we eat?
  6. Why we eat?

These are five components of food behavior. And it is important not only to start a weight loss, but to exclude the reasons that led to his set. If this is not understood and not to work, then weight after weight loss can also easily go back back. And if there are promises and breakdown, the reasons are already playing a fatal role in the correction of food behavior.

Overweight is an increase in pressure, the burden on the joints, on the spine and on the heart. While your daughter is young, perhaps the body is still coping with all the difficulties. But a long period of stay in excess weight will have its decent effect. It is from the position of health care that you need to talk with your daughter.

In working with any addiction – food, alcohol, narcotic – there is one negative point. It is necessary to get rid of the person himself. Without it, work will pass in good.

Let you be annoying and disassembled, but you need to slowly and rightly lead a person to understand that for our own health treatment is necessary. And then it will be easier for her to make a decision and then follow him.

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