Gave birth to himself and do not consider it egoism

Often we hear that the desire of women to give birth, using a man only as a donor, knowingly knowing that the child will be deprived of his father’s connection – manifestation of egoism. Our reader is ready to argue with this. She gave birth without a regular partner and believes that she took the best solution in his life. Gestalt therapist Natalia Arzybasheva comments on her story.

I always had a saturated, interesting life. First – student, with love and travel, then – Career Building. I lived in my pleasure and gave birth, guided by the same principle. In 35, I unexpectedly understood that for the completeness of life, I lack the baby. Relations with a person with whom we were together the last few years have not been working out, but it bothered me not as the absence of children.

Yes, I honestly say that I wanted to give birth to myself. In society it is customary to consider this position of selfish – I know the child’s child knowing. But this is a sneaving: all that we do in this life, even if we give birth, being in a relationship, we are doing only for yourself. Most marriages now end in divorce. And no mother can guarantee that the father will not disappear from her child’s life. Anyway, in modern realities, a woman decided to give birth must first of all confidently stand on his feet and rely on herself. At the time of pregnancy I paid a mortgage and earned well.

When I made a decision, the question inevitably got up: from whom to give birth? Sperm Bank as an option shall immediately: believe that the father of my child will be a hypothetical "blond / brunette without bad habits", not for me. Immediately decided that this man should know.

Gave birth to himself and do not consider it egoism

I had at the commemorative person I found decent, smart, healthy. He was aware of my desire to have a child and agreed, but in the role of a father did not want to speak. Now we do not communicate.

I could not imagine that after the birthday, I would get so new, the surround feeling of life. She was divided into before and after, and "after" I seem to be heard more, to understand, feel deeper to other people. I enjoyed everything: pregnancy, breastfeeding, the fact that I could press my precious lump.

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