"I constantly fear that nothing happens"

I can not overcome fear inside myself. In work, in a relationship, in any situation, when you need to make a decision, I begin to augt the events and think: "What if it will be, but what if there is something". Have a young man, I want to talk to him so that we live together. But I’m afraid to say it, because again the thoughts do not give me rest: "What if he refuses, but suddenly I can’t say anything". How to handle it?

What you describe does seem to meet with reality. Usually people are most difficult to transfer uncertainty, situations where the decision is not accepted when some question is not resolved when it is not clear what happens. Laying out important solutions, we can spend a huge amount of energy, just without choosing some kind of direction.

I constantly fear that nothing happens.

I would advise you to start closing events, making decisions. Then all the energy can be aimed at implementing projects. The same applies to personal relationships. If you have any questions about the partner, it is best to ask them, and not fantasize this topic. Even if you meet with the answer that you will not like it, it will be a certain answer. Then you can decide what to do next.

That for you will mean if the guy does not want to live together? Does this mean that he is simply not ready for such serious changes or it says about the quality of your relationship? It can be something third, and fourth, and fifth. You can ask, talk about yourself, clarify and share your views on the future.

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