"I do not decide to take a chance to work abroad"

From your image of the future blows loneliness and fear to be rejected. It seems that the most important thing for you is now – avoid losses. Often it happens to young people who are strongly dependent on the approval of authoritative senior. And that is why it is so difficult for you to make a decision: to want to go independently with his difficulties and surprises, you need to imagine – for what.

The choice in front of which you are standing is not so much the choice of a country or company, we are talking about a sense of security and freedom, to disappoint parents about fear, about the indifferent world, to go into which I don’t really want, but where to go! And the sooner you confess yourself in your fears, the less they will obey true desires and inclinations from you. And to begin with, it would be nice to "try" – internship, temporary operation there or here. When still try to experiment, as not in your years!

I do not decide to take a chance to work abroad

You may just like a new place and want to spend a couple of years. Or maybe you will find the charm in the fact that no one around you knows, other people’s expectations are not allowed and do not oblige. Or meet someone who should learn. Or you will realize what you like to work in a team, and no matter what. In short, you need to stop scare yourself. Yes, I almost forgot: an idea of ​​a career as about once and for all the selected way hopelessly outdated. Even for my generation it turned out to be an illusion, and what to say about your.

I do not decide to take a chance to work abroad

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