"I plan a lot, but I can’t implement"

I put a goal, I think about the steps to make it exercise, I will prescribe in detail. I proceed to the realization of the intended, but on the first steps it does not go. I have a special notebook where I will bring all the goals and objectives. They have accumulated quite a lot. I want to develop, grow, achieve something, but not enough will, patience. I tried to motivate myself, describing in detail the benefit, put the deadlines, broke the big tasks into small, – nothing helps. Planned to learn English, determined with what the wrong way, how many words will remember the day. A couple of days worried and abandoned. Are there any other ways? All unfulfilled tasks are put on me, it seems that I am a fault. It came to the point that it stopped putting tasks, I live as it will have to, no longer pulls to self-development.

You do everything right. Usually, people do not reach the hands reaching such a step-by-step planning, and goals exist in the form of foggy desires in the head.

It can be assumed that the benefit you try to motivate yourself does not apply to your true and strong desires. Award can be meaningful, but such, without which and so good. Either she can be quite distant. They say, until I need it, another 100 years will pass! Perhaps you just have very big lists of what you want from yourself. This in itself can demotivate.

I plan a lot, but I can not implement

Spend a revision of plans and tasks – much could be outrageous, and still hanging in the list. Learn English – this is a very strong goal, but you can start with browsing interesting films in English or reading books in the original. It will help master the language at a decent level.

Put yourself specific and fulfilled goals every day. Record them into the diary "Today". Forget all the former "unbearable lessons". In the new list, there may be three or five, two or ten cases for which time must be. Plan so that the conceived exactly can be performed. Consider your studies, fatigue and laziness. You are not a robot that can work without stopping until it is turned off. I, like millions of other people, helped the books of Stephen Kovi. Read at least one, I am sure that you will find a lot of useful for yourself. Do not forget also about the right setting for work. Comfort and beauty in the workplace, in the room for classes are very important.

I plan a lot, but I can not implement

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