"I want to give him pleasure …"

Between men and women there are tremendous discrepancies in relation to oral sex, confirms French gynecologist and psychotherapist Michel Sal. Therefore, you do not need to be shy to talk about it with each other.

"Fellation (oral sex, or blowjob) takes one of the first places in the list of male desires. Listen to men – each of them had met a woman who just adored. Many are sincerely surprised if their girl is not a fan factor. In fact, not so many women receive true pleasure from this occupation. Phelllation is symbolically can perceive as a violent swallowing of men’s genital organs or the introduction of them into the hole, in no way intended by nature for breeding. Similar sensations are comfortable not for all. Sometimes women agree to oral sex only in order to make a man’s pleasant man. But there are those who do not go to it under any circumstances.

Today they talk so much about the joys of oral sex, that some women begin to worry, whether everyone is fine with them if they don’t like it. Forget about the feeling of guilt, because not to do what we are unpleasant – ok. And do not force your body – too normal.

I want to give him pleasure ...

Phelllation can be perceived positively, as a complete fusion of the bodies, picking up a beloved creature. If not, it is necessary to understand why this barrier appeared in the personal experience of the woman. Teenage girls who want to grow up quickly, often begin sexy life from facilities. This is understandable: oral sex does not require special conditions, allows you to gain experience, while preserving virginity and not get pregnant. However, felling as a substitution of full sex causes a woman frustration and a sense of guilt towards a partner.

More experienced women fall into their own trap when, seeking to conquer a man, pretend to love to do blowjob. Deception – not the best basis for sexual relations. Find the Force Pronounce: "I don’t like it". In the end, an equal dialogue provides for not only the ability to listen to a partner and predict his desires, but also willingness to speak the truth and respect the feelings of another. To establish trust relationships in sex is sometimes difficult, for example, if a woman survived sexual violence. In this case, help the therapist is required. ".

I want to give him pleasure ...

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