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Some it seems that be yourself So be static!
In fact, it is very far from the truth. Being yourself to be "process"!

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Because changes become very intense when a person is truly trying to be. Usually a person who came On psychotherapy, denies his feelings and reactions. Often, he is trying to change over years, but at one fine moment discovers that he stuck just on the behavior he did not like. Only when he can more than be himself, being a person he always denied in himself, a change perspective will appear.
There is an opinion that being for those who are, be yourself – it means to be bad, evil, uncontrollable. It seems that if the feelings break out, some catastrophe will happen!
Indeed, incomprehensible feelings that were banned, cause many fears. But In the process of therapy man gradually understands what can cope with the most different sensations. For example, with anger, it turns out not so terrible, as it seemed before. And that timely and, sincerely his manifestation does not carry any destruction. A person discovers what can be with her fear, and he will not absorb him. May regret yourself and it’s not "poorly". May experience Sexual attraction, laziness, hatred and from this sky will not fall on the ground. Obviously, the larger the person allows its feelings to be leaking, the more relevant "Places" they will take in the palette of his sensations.
A person reveals new feelings, the previous one is mixed with them, so the balance is established. Now he is loving, gentle, attentive, as well as hate, voluptuous or angry. He is of interest, liveliness, curiosity, as well as laziness and indifference. Feels the courage and courage, as well asfear. When a person lives and takes all the variety of his feelings, they over time come into harmony and not "Reset" his uncontrollable bad journey! Life becomes more lively, valuable and filled!!

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