Psychological Pain Removal Methods

Practical advice and exercises that can help in situations of physical discomfort and relieve pain.

1. Detailing painful feeling.

Close your eyes and allow the body to relax. Focus on the area where the pain is worried. Try to make it clear the sizes and shape of the painful area. She is long? Round? Triangular? Or some other form? She is flat as damn? Or she has a volume? She is all the same or in it there are places of different intensity? What borders? Clear or blurry? Whether the waves differ from it through the body or it is isolated?

2. We observe the creature of pain.

Watch even more carefully as if this pain was a living being. When and how this creature will move? Will his borders change? It will become stronger or weaker? Will his center shifts? Notice how pain will change every few seconds, let it be afraid.

3. We share and rule.

If you have won a strong painful experience, divide it into composite parts and monitor how they arise from the moment by the time. With composite parts, it is much easier to cope individually, then the overall experience loses strength. Sharing experiences on the part, we divide the power with which he presses. The painful feeling can be reduced if it is possible to decompose it on separate shades – a physical sensation (lubrication, burning, shooting, pulsating, butter pain, itching), emotional state and t.D. – divided by their localization zones in the body.

Psychological Pain Removal Methods

4. We notice the inconstancy of pain.

Pain can be felt like something unshakable and constant, like a mountain, but you can learn to notice aspects of change and inconstancy in it. Every few seconds, the feeling of pain changes the form or position, becomes stronger or weaker, expands or compressed, circulating. If the pain is changing explicit or barely noticeable, focus all your attention on this change, let this flow of feelings captivate you, so you will begin to perceive the pain as an action and process, and not as a constant thing.

5. Breathe through the pain.

Try to relax. Discover pain or discomfort, focus on it.

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