Tatyana Kuznetsova (Sudakov)

Now a lot of materials on this topic began to appear. I want to express my opinion. Since I work including people who subjected to emotional violence, the stories saw many, but they are all like a copy of the car. In our country, the topic of emotional violence is very little advertised. I think the reason is simple. Domestic developments are much smaller than foreign. We and psychiatry are still perceived as a stamp. People are shy to contact a psychiatrist and launch a disease or do not understand that they are sick. What can we talk about some emotional violence. With fat fell and everything. Between suicide and article about bringing to suicide direct communication and it consists in emotional violence, moral pressure, in manipulation, crowned with success. Sounds brutally. It is a pity that the topic of Abyuza pays so little attention to the faculties of psychology. After all, in partners to violence are exclusively sacrificed in life, victims since childhood. «Victim», I mean, in a psychological sense of course.

Tatyana Kuznetsova (Sudakov)  7

The gap with the tormentor is no less painful than life with him. It is more familiar to remain in this hell, there at least everything is clear. And it is also difficult to break with such a person because he is driven with him, emotions, passion volcano. And when a person realizes that the resource has been exhausted and it is time to leave, here is the internal protection. This, you will have to take responsibility for yourself, you can’t disappear on the rapist. And emotions there are no more. Negotia. Tell me where to move further in life, there is also no one! All this was done by Narcissa, it was so much. And the rapist himself is so simple not to disqualce with its resource. Threats and blackmail and cry and pressure will go into the course and only intensify. Without the help of a specialist here rarely costs. The trouble is that experts sometimes do not fully understand what they deal with… In general, the purpose of my article is probably in order to draw attention to the problem… And this is a problem! Repeatedly dealt with customers, secondaryly injured psychologists who «Not in the topic»…

Tatyana Kuznetsova (Sudakov)  7

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