The first step towards success – dream right

Does the old Chinese curse surprise you surprise "Let your cherished dream come true"? Indeed, how can I curse to what you strive for all soul? Incomprehensible and later literary insinuations offering to begin to be afraid of their desires. Want to get a detailed explanation where such sayings come from, which is not to be afraid and how not to disappoint, coming to the cherished goal?

Proper wording – 90% of success

But after the first release it turns out that shoes are desperately rubbed, and the block is equipped exclusively uncomfortable. Obviously over this pair, the Spanish Inquisitor worked inspired. And the dress looks great only on a fixed mannequin. But it is worth sitting in it how it is covered by a network of ugly folds and races. That’s all the praised quality of the Italian brand – solid disappointment!

This is what happens with your desires that you formulate incorrect. For example, you wanted to get a huge amount of money, but she will immediately leave you, because you have to fork out for the repair of someone else’s car after the accident. Dreamed of a million without specifying currency – and found themselves in the country where the salary is charged in trillions of local "Tugrykov". You can bring examples to infinity. Surely you at least several times in life have come across such a feeling of frustration and annoyance from the results obtained.

Why wishes are executed "not right"

For example, Mom helped you all my life that the main thing – "Steel" settle. Or it is important to "In the house man was". In the end you get "Bread" position, but every day come to work with disgust. And after a couple of years of marriage, after a couple of years old, becomes an avid alcoholic.

Second Error – People visualize beautiful pictures, not living their desire bodily, how fashionably talk now, "at the cellular level", physically. Watch from afar on dreams common in society, but do not feel in this entourage. For example, meditatively look at the brilliant technological interior. Fashionable, fascinating, dear. But do not live, do not feel themselves and their daily life in such an environment. Look at an expensive foreign car, but do not feel behind the wheel of such a powerful car.

Because of the wrong approach to dreams, people live a lifetime in a small apartment, and without drafting on expansion or strong repair. Or wither huge money in the same fashionable and brilliant high-tech, and after three days aware that they can no longer be in this shining as the Snow Queen Palace, space. Uncomfortable, uncomfortable, there is no place to get enough sleep, and mirror surfaces need to wipe all the time!

"Give me a million!"

Next error when setting the goal is the naive assumption that the abstract amount of money will be obtained suddenly a single tranc and instantly you will make you instill. "Give me a million dollars, and all my problems immediately decide. I will immediately become a successful person, everything in my life will work out, and even grandchildren will be".

This is not true. Infinite examples of temporary millionaires who have won inconceivable amounts of money in the lottery, sufficient confirmation. All of them, having got a sudden wealth, managed to rush it for the year or two. And turn out after in huge debts. Nobody managed to create a business empire from a lottery winning, successfully invest an unrequited million in a prosperous business or to establish his own strong company. And nobody became happier from this money, on the contrary, some were addicts or destroyed families.

For subconscious, this is absurd – to communicate with each other happiness and finance. To feel happy here and now, no material benefits and external achievements are required. Enough to look at the eastern people. They live in shacks who did not know the repair from the time of the last invasion of Tamerlan, while they ask them, whether they are happy, and almost any of no doubts and reflections will say: "Of course, yes, Mashalla!"

The subconscious mind does not see the connection between the feeling of happiness and your salary. Therefore, it does not strive to work hard to earn more, but leaves everything without change, considering your dreams of cutting paper silly Blazh. Why move and spend in vain the energy for the sake of the numbers incomprehensible to him in bank accounts? To avoid such "Procrastinations", It is important to learn how to proper technicians who help to fulfill your desires.

How to materialize a dream

The first step towards success - dream right

To begin with, you need to submit your desired goal at the physiological level. Feel it with all the body and describe all sensations and experiences when you imagine that you are in the very happy future where you have already made the desired purchase, took our "Height", Are where you want to be, and became those who wished.

I can tell us from personal experience, as it looks like on the example of household items. I somehow saw in the store a demonstration of the work of steam mop and instantly wanted to acquire such a miracle. But this thing is cumbersome and not cheerful, and I feared that it would be with her as with other impulsive shopping – another expensive unit, which I accepted once and abandon. Many of my previous acquisitions are kept at the mother in the country with a silent example of such spontaneous solutions.
The correct way is that in two days before the purchase of steam mops, I imagined how I will use it and what pleasure I will bring it. I calmly lived all the pleasant feelings from the fact that I use this unit. So I was convinced that my desire is not just Blazh. I need her and useful, will be in joy, I will use this technique regularly. Only after that I went to the store again and bought a mop. And indeed, she became the most interesting and useful thing from all household appliances in the house.

The same thing happens absolutely with any desire. You can, for example, schedule leave and disappointed, and you can present in advance how you swim in the sea, sit in a lounge chair, read the book. That is, to enjoy the anticipation of this trip and, walking into a real trip, to feel exactly how it was in your dreams.

Concentrating on the experiences that you have when visualizing a happy future, you are significantly approaching it. Form it just so that it gives you pleasure. The dream should be tangible, she must pass through your feelings and idea of ​​the future.

Check your dream with a child

And one more important point: people often forget that our subconsciousness in their perception of the world is close to a five-year-old child. For example, the child will not understand why you need a million rubles and even dollars in a bank account, – for him it is pure abstraction. But it will greatly understand the sensation of the buzz from managing a powerful car. If you formulate a target from abstract digits (with any number of zeros), then the subconscious will respond to it as nonsense, for which it makes no sense to strain. Therefore, the brain so that he began to think in the right direction, it is necessary to promise pleasure and joy from quite concrete, visible and material things that understand the five-year-old child.

Your task is to formulate goals very specifically. To check how correctly the dream is scheduled, tell us about the desired result of the real child of five-six years. Look at his reaction – whether he understands your desires, will he want the same. So you yourself will realize that "I want a salary twice as much" For the five-year plan or for your subconsciousness, nothing means, but "Beautiful fast car" he will be quite interested to get. Reformulating your goals on concrete and tangible things, promising your subconscious a lot of pleasure and joy, you will get energy in order to bring your dreams to reality and fully enjoy the result.

The first step towards success - dream right

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