"The former husband’s mistress pursues our family."

My husband and I lived together for 20 years soul in the soul. We have a daughter and son from my first marriage. Relate to each other with understanding, deep tenderness and love. All these years, what is called, looked in one direction and went in one direction.

But two months ago, he admitted that he changed me with a colleague at work after a corporate party. And then she began to threaten that he would tell me about his treason. In the conversation of a husband with employees, she overheard, where I work, found the phone of our organization and, introducing himself to my long-standing girlfriend, tried to withdraw my number at the head. He refused her.

All this time, the husband tried in every way to avoid meetings with her, but because of the work it did not work. Then she told her husband that I supposedly got pregnant from my spouse. He began to threaten that he would destroy all our family together with children. As a result, my husband changed his job and admitted to me in treason. But it all did not end.

This woman began to pursue us everywhere. In the morning meets at the entrance. Then comes to me to work and requires that I let go of a husband for her, and together with the accuracy of property, because only this, according to her, keeps the spouse next to me. In the evening goes to his job, trying to get into the car in the car with the words: "Let’s talk". Rows him from different numbers.

Her husband repeatedly explained her that they had no relationship, there was no and could not be that he was married, loves only me. But in response, only one thing: "You will be mine, whatever it costs.".

I’m terribly angry and annoying her appearance. I’m angry with myself, on my husband, on the whole world because it all happens to me! Ceased to trust the spouse. All the time it seems to me that he communicates with her for my back. I’m going crazy! But I understand that I do not want to part with my husband, I love him very much.

Nadezhda, unfortunately, your question is already moving from the psychological area to legal. You and your husband collided with a woman whose reactions are inadequate. Now you need to protect yourself, your children from unpredictable actions of this person.

She has already provoked the change of the work of your spouse, sneaked her husband on your family, prevents you from working and live. Probably, it’s time to consult with a lawyer about further actions.

The former mistress of her husband pursues our family.

Perhaps a woman has an unstable psyche and exacerbation began, and maybe sex with your husband launched a parallel reality for her with fictional passions, pursuit and imaginary struggle for love (it is very similar to the "soap opera").

You lived with my husband happily twenty years. He obeyed for drunk treason? How did you react to his act? We must decide – did you take it for treason or for a drunk error. If you are already in doubt your husband and stopped trusting him, it is worth thinking: how good you know him?

The situation is typical and nasty: sex with a drunk colleague on the corporate party – went, trite. This has undermined the relationship and love that you have for twenty years? You know a husband, saw this woman – there is a feeling that they are lovers that they are close?

Do not give in to the hysteria of this woman. Save your family from attacks and aggression. Analyze the situation. What do you want? Stay with her husband in marriage? So, you need to rally and defend oneself together against the common enemy for you. Then you can go to a psychologist and work out your feelings. But now you need to win the war.

There is a verification of true values ​​for your family – can you stand up against the ones from the outside. Then you have to establish new relationships with my husband, because such shocks are not passing. Everything can be established when mutual work with a family psychologist. But now take yourself in hand and prepare for the legal protection of your rights, your life.

The former mistress of her husband pursues our family.

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