"The guy wants me to wait for him from prison"

When I was 15 years old, my mother died, after a couple of months, his father led a stepmother. In 18, I moved from their home, and in a year moved to the capital city without money. From despair went to escort services. In parallel, in social networks met a guy and almost immediately told him everything about himself. On the 4th day of dating, I was already with him, in a week transported things to him. Naturally, left work.

Already 9 months we live together. Often quarrel, insulting each other, but it is just because we are both nervous, since my partner is now under investigation. He faces from 5 to 8 years. I carry it hard. On this topic we speak few. But he wants me to wait for him, I myself seem to want. But I don’t have any girlfriends, nor acquaintances, I crossed out past.

From thoughts that he will come out when I will be at least 25, I quit in a shiver, tears roll on my eyes. After all, none of the close me will not support. And he says that if he is given a time, then we will lay down so that I definitely wait for him and let me go to him. But this is not the fairy tale that I represented in childhood. I am 25 years old I want to raise children, and not live in anticipation.

When I say to the partner that I want to turn to a psychologist, because I have a lot of problems, because I want to talk the topic of escort and, of course, discuss this story, he says it is nonsense, nothing needs. I am afraid that he is now with me only because he wants him to be waiting for someone here. After all, he never said about Love to me. Sometimes we live for my money, and he does not work. And he wants me to accurately give him a promise that I will wait for. I told the truth: I explained that I want to wait, but I do not know what will happen. And I am worried about how he returns from there.

Nastya, I sympathize and worry about you. It seems that you have fallen into dependent relationships with a manipulator. And by how you describe your life story, I assume that you have psychological injuries. To overcome them, you need help: you feel right and understand that you need psychological support.

I think you often experience guilt, shame, loneliness, fear before the future. You need to get rid of these heavy feelings, become more independent and, of course, get healthy support at such a young age. Psychologist can help you.

Judging by what you told, it seems that the young man really manipulates and uses you. I recommend you, of course, nothing to promise anything and get rid of these relationships as soon as possible. You may need help, because by those signs that you described, it seems that you are subject to psychological violence.

If you leave the situation as it is, it can lead to sad consequences.

The guy wants me to wait for him from prison

Center "Anna" (assistance to women who survived any domestic violence): 8 (800) 7000-600 (the organization has the status of a "foreign agent")

Center "Nasilia.No »: 8 (495) 916-3000 (the organization has the status of a" foreign agent ")

  • Unified phone confidence of the Ministry of Emergency Situations +7 (495) 400-99-99
  • Moscow Psychological Assistance Service +7 (499) 173-09-09
  • Free crisis line of trust 8 (800) 333-44-34

Also check the services of free psychological assistance in your city, and there is also free psychological assistance online, for example, at the Ministry of Emergency Situations .

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