Wedding not according to the rules

Fat ceremony – a serious frontier in relations in two. And because the format of the celebration becomes for many families with a stumbling block. As, retaining the meaning of the rite, make this day for real? The answer is in the stories of our heroes.

Lush or simple, traditional or extravagant, wedding has always been an event strictly ritualized. And it is clear why: this is one of the key transitional moments of life. "Young acquire a new status, – reminiscent of psychodramaterthet, clinical psychologist Vita Malygin. – the groom becomes a man, and the bride leaves the parental house, as if dies for her former life. It is important that the marriage establishes a connection between two kinds. Therefore, the wedding in all cultures is usually crowded and public: it is a holiday of two clans, and not two separate people ".

Wedding not according to the rules

However, wherever there are rigid canons and rituals, there will be wishes to break them. Refuse the classic ceremony "as accepted" in favor of a unique, author project. Why? For different reasons. Emphasize independence from external installations and set roles. Declare your own interests and preferences. Finally, focus on the intimacy of the sacrament, which will allow newlyweds to feel the unity and express their love and gratitude to each other. Unusual weddings that came up with the heroes of our portfolio, show that even in the XXI century it is not easy to do. The bride and the bride have to show wonders of diplomacy to keep the world with parents and at the same time avoid Marsham Mendelssohn, cries of "bitter" and high words of the registry office about the "most beautiful event in life – the beginning of a good union of two loving hearts".

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