Weight risk residence

Scientists from the Children’s Research Institute of Seattle found that children living in prosperous areas with access to parks and to healthy food, 59% less increasingly to obesity.

A study conducted under the leadership of Brian Salesen, a doctor of philosophy, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, is one of the first to be combined with nutrition and physical activity, as well as ratings not only parents, but also children themselves.

It also used the data of the geographic information system (GIS), which allowed to estimate the possibilities for physical activity and access to healthy eating in areas where people turned out to be more prone to obesity.

Researchers used GIS data to appreciate the areas of Seattle and San Diego. Power options were determined by the availability of supermarkets and the number of fast food restaurants. The possibilities of physical activity were determined by the presence of conditions favorable for walking conditions and at least one fleet adapted for children.

Researchers have found that children who live in areas with poor nutrition and weak physical activity have the highest obesity indicators – almost 16%, which is equal to the average country.

Only 8% of children suffer from obesity in more prosperous areas.

Weight risk residence

"With the phrase" Children’s obesity ", people immediately think about a particular individual and its inclinations to nutrition or activity, but they do not identify it with a place where a person lives," says Saleset, who is a professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington University. – Each, starting with parents and ending with politicians, must pay more attention to the district, since the terrain is of great importance. ".

The researcher emphasizes that national healthcare organizations, including the Institute of Medicine and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have identified the surrounding environment as one of the most important factors affecting child obesity.

"These organizations confirm our recommendations to change some of our districts, make them more favorable for physical activity and healthy nutrition," adds delelex.

Weight risk residence

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