"Well, take me!": How to get a dream, if there is no experience

It is familiar to you, when goosebumps run from one thought about work, eyes light up and inside everything seems? But immediately the inner voice says that the position for you exactly do not get, because there are much more experienced applicants. And what you do, lower your hands and take away, without even trying? In vain.

In my practice, dozens of successful cases, when people without the slightest experience in the desired sphere still arranged for the work of dreams. How? Following the simple formula. The vacancy candidate is estimated by three components: skills (experience), motivation (desire) and personal qualities.Suppose you have absolutely no experience. In this case, your task is to focus on two other components.


Not every experienced candidate can explain why he wants to work in the company, for the interview in which he came, or how he sees his development in the profession. In 90% of cases, this is a tired person who does not want anything. It automatically performs a number of actions to receive salary. He knows his business, but it is unlikely to remain overtime or will take extra responsibility without an increase in salary.

Well, take me! »How to get a dream to work if there is no experience

Another thing is a newcomer in the profession. He has no experience, but the energy is offshore, the eyes are burning, they are driven by the thirst for professional development and work in this company. He is ready to independently delve into the subtlety of the workflow, receive additional education, stay after work.

Employers are increasingly ready to invest time and money in employees who want to work with them than in attempts to persuade applicants who do not burn with the desire to develop.

Well, take me! »How to get a dream to work if there is no experience

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