What are the arms say

One of the most eloquent forms of non-verbal communication – hugs. Consider how people hug and you will understand what kind of relationship they are and what they want to say to each other.

The meaning of the arms

Many underestimate their deep meaning and even take for excessory familiarity. Meanwhile, this is a historically significant part of social interaction: no wonder we see people who lose each other with their hands, and it seems so it was always. This oldest form of physical proximity is documented in the rock paintings, we have repeatedly met its images, admiring the ancient sculptures and ancient canvases.

Specialists of behavioral psychology consider arms an important type of non-verbal communication, which helps to create personal and public relations. People are not in vain continue to hug, because trusting relationships make healthier and happier.

What are the arms say

These types

Much depends on the country, gender and age, on whether we want to show joy or participation, express sympathy or friendly location. Hugs are often accompanied by kisses. For example, in Italy, at the meeting, it was commissioned and kissing on the cheek not only old friends, but also new acquaintances.

Types of hugs Set: Each expresses feelings in its own way, depending on the temperament and the specifics of interpersonal relations. By how someone hugs, only superficial conclusions can be made. The main indicators that are worth paying attention is the duration of touch and the power with which a person presses the other to itself.

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