What can I do today

Our heroes are confident: these efforts are not only concern for the present and future, but also a way to bring your beliefs and actions in line with.

What can I do today

Can our private actions and efforts to change the future? Yes, these men and women are sure. They not only lead arguments with which it is difficult to disagree, but also confirm their convictions. The more among us environmentally competent people, the more tangible there will be the results of their efforts. In addition, an active position – for example, the organization of master classes on the maintenance of green household, participation in the experiment on a separate collection of garbage, the creation of information sites and the publication of articles on the environmental subject in journals and newspapers – affects others and on those Who makes decisions: from employers and officials to international organizations. Finally, acting consciously and responsibly for the sake of the common (and its) good, we feel more confident, we increase the mood and self-esteem, it appears incentive to achieve more. So, can I reduce my ecological track today? Our heroes asked themselves this question. And took the first step to their goal.

What can I do today

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