What can "means against age"

The term "anti-aging" in fact Lukavit: the time vector in one direction, and promises "turn it back" – no more than metaphor. We are looking for not so much a miracle as a means that would like to look good – at any age.

In what point exactly the moment began to "deal with age"? This is a big question. It should be recognized that all complicating formulas and wise reasoning of cosmetic brands do not facilitate our task – primarily because the expectations and needs of each of us are. We are not equal to the aging process, which depends on the genetic heritage, and from our life peripetias, and from the habit (or possibilities) to regularly care for themselves. The boundaries of age are conditional, but within these conventions there are its patterns.

What’s happening

So far, nothing serious, although it has been established that young women buy their first anti-aging tool for everything at a more early age, starting in 20 years, "as noted by Dr. Veronique Delvin (Veronique Delvigne), responsible for the scientific developments of Lancome. Just at this age, the rules of care for themselves are absorbed, for example, the habit of cleaning the skin in the morning and in the evening. Up to 30 years old enough moisturizing cream. The skin is actively regenerating and contains enough collagen to remain gentle and elastic. If at this age, teach your skin to a more powerful tool, there is a risk of getting into a closed circle: the cells "walked" and will be required to demand increasingly strong stimulants.

What can

What can be done

Apply every morning a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Prefer natural formulas that are well absorbed. Night cream for this age, according to some specialists, can be considered superfluous. By twenty-five years old, you can start using an eye contour tool: usually the first wrinkles appear in this zone.

What can

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