What did your favorite beasts taught me

We communicate with them, friends, care about them. And we will project all our complexes and prejudices on them. And they teach us more flexible and trustful, understand without words, enjoy the moment. Our animals are real life teachers. Much of what we experience with them turns out to be necessary and in relations with people. The wisdom of our pets is divided with us three of our heroes.

"Trust others and get into resonance"

What did your favorite beasts taught me

Anastasia Rondareva, editor-in-chief of Where Moscow magazine, and her horse Grayson

"I am not sentimental man, do not tend to think animals, although I love them very much. But, praising, I realized that I had changed due to my horse. Riding riding I started at 31. It was sporting interest, then I was aimed at achieving. And if you want to self-improve, then sooner or later the question arises about his own horse. And we bought a horse with a girlfriend. At first he disappointed me. As it turned out, he had a hard past, he was very closed, did not go to me with me, did not take a delicacy. It was very disappointing. But then he began to slowly deteriorate, reveal and turned out to be an incredible spiritual horse. Once I fell from him, got a serious injury. There was fear, I am going to finish with horse riding. Even to a psychotherapist went. And I realized that I did not trust our horses at all. I am a hyperspical person if something needs to be done well, I will do it myself. With horses, work goes through trust, respect for the personality of the horse. They are very sensitive and grateful, incredibly resonate with you. I realized that with Grayson, we were in the resonance from the very beginning: he did not trust me, I did not trust him, and this is exactly what I also led to the fall, and to the fact that we almost broke up. Now I finally relaxed and enjoy our communication. My idea of ‚Äč‚Äčachievements has changed. Now it is not only successful workouts, but also the opportunity to spend time not. The more we communicate, the stronger the resonance between us. I had trust in me, and I don’t even know where it could learn if not a horse ".

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