What do “Body Signals” say?

The idea of ​​body integrity and mind exists in our consciousness as a given. Nevertheless, the topic of relationships with its own body is one of the most controversial for the modern person, confident Psychotherapist Tatyana Potemkin.

In ancient civilizations, there was less such contradiction. Latin proverb “In a healthy body – a healthy mind” says that there is no health physical health without health. The disease (hypocrates) was considered as a disorder of human relationships with his world.

With the development of civilization and Christian culture, there was an increasing division of bodily and spiritual life. The mind became the god of a modern civilized person, and rationalization – one of the favorite protection against mental disadvantaged. With a decrease in the value of physical labor, with the development of technology, and now the Internet and social networks, a person becomes more and more in the “talking head”, and narrative is becoming more important than bodily essence.

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The body at the same time becomes almost an external object, tool for mind, to achieve the objective tasks. On the other hand, we often apply to the body as a source of problems, with distrust and caution.

Most modern women are constantly concerned about the theme of their own physicity – weight, appearance. Moreover, from all sides, obsessive advertising inspires us that success and prosperity can be achieved, only shining eternal youth and possessing ideal proportions. Sometimes the battle for the preservation or creation of a socially approved body becomes the meaning of life and absorbs the mass of energy.


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