"What do life coincidences mean?"

Got acquainted with a guy at the university. It turned out that we have a lot of coincidences: we celebrated the birthday in one restaurant, we have similar apartments, general views on life and the future. We have a close relationship, on the verge between friendly and love. But I do not know how to treat him, because I do not know what he feels. How to explain all these coincidences? What kind of relationship with him?

Hello, Lyra! Look again as you formulate the question. You do not know how you treat him, because you do not know what he feels in relation to you.

Allow yourself to feel like you feel about it, which arises within you at meetings with him, what you feel when you think about him? How the emotional state changes in its presence?

What do life coincidences mean

To feel it, we do not need anything "know". If you found so much in common in your past and present, learn together, communicate a lot, then why not afford relations to develop, not thinking out everything?

Such coincidences happen, there is nothing strange. It is important that your communication has come to what you find out and told each other about all these coincidences. Continue communication and you yourself will understand what kind of relationships you will arrange more, friendly or love.

What do life coincidences mean

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