"What does a dream mean, in which the engagement ring I have little?"

I dreamed that the young man led me to the restaurant and made an offer. But when he began to wear a ring on his finger, it turned out to be little! I still managed to wear it, but it crumbled on parts! In the end, in a dream, I refused him. What it can mean? I subconsciously do not want to be with him? Or is it an obsession?

I join the army of psychotherapists excited by dreams. I used to think that dreams are a keyhole, in which you can heal the hidden sides of the human soul. And Sigmund Freud said that the interpretation of dreams – the royal road to understanding the unconscious. He also suggested that dreaming is the reaction of the soul to external stimuli (sounds, touch), daylight impressions and hidden desires (unconscious). Thus, dreams can not be understood literally. Images of dreams – this is only the top of the iceberg.

Freudovsky method of interpretation of dreams can be reduced to "dismemberment" of sleep on separate elements: restaurant, finger, ring. To each of the elements you need to ask questions, all that come to mind, even the most shameful. And since the dream is the reflection of the disheveled desires (or unwillingness), then the thoughts are associated with them.

What does a dream mean in which the wedding ring I have little

Freud did not interpret the dream directly, he helped a person to figure them out independently. And the quote about the royal road continues like this: ". When I am asked how you can make a psychoanalyst, I always answer: With the help of studying my own dreams ". And how my teacher says, only the person who saw him can interpret sleep.

You may have helped a session of psychotherapy, where you "revised" would be your dream in a state of trance. Maybe you would have a hypothesis, but it is not so important. The result of psychotherapy, in my opinion, is not in understanding the essence of the problem, but in changing the relationship to what is happening. This is obtaining a real opportunity to act in a new way, the appearance of forces to change something. And it seems to me that you already know the answer to your question.

What does a dream mean in which the wedding ring I have little

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