What does dream mean: "I am ashamed that they see me"

Desire, pleasure is slipped into reality, when too smooth everyday life gives a crack and leaves space for unpredictable. Professor of psychology and ethnopsychotherapist Tobi Nathan (Tobie Nathan) tells what the dream "I am ashamed that they see me".

Mary’s dream, 34 years

"I dream of one and the same dream for many years. I am covered by an uncontrollable desire to make masturbation. The place where I am at all is not suitable for this: around people. I’m trying to hide, but wasted. I still masturbating . Surprisingly, people do not pay attention to me; they pass by, look in the other side. It hurts me from the thought that they saw me and condemn or laugh. I am overwhelmed by an alarm, which frees the awakening ".

What does dream mean


You told me that engaged in masturbation from early childhood. Once, when you were 5 or 6 years old, someone from adults caught you. He dressed you up, but no more. After all, here, in a dream, almost the same scene is repeated? With the same question: "That he really thought?"Maybe a dream only resurrect the memories of an alarming scene from the past? Or – you wonder you are a question – he also speaks about the present? We have discussed your relationship with your husband. They are based on love and trust – relations between adults who share the same values. It means that everything is fine? Not really. After the birth of your second child, he wants less than you. If you yourself do not take the first step, nothing happens. Of course, you talk about it, but nothing changes. You are a whole nature, passionate woman. You would like to register the fire of the love passion of the first years. Your sexual relationship as they are not satisfying you. Of course, you are happy about them, but they do not give you pleasure.

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