What does dream mean: "I fall into the emptiness"

Sleep, which is repeated again and again, can carry an encrypted message. Professor of psychology and ethnopsychotherapist Tobi Nathan (Tobie Nathan) tells what the dream "I fall into the emptiness".

Son Lei, 35 years

"For many years I have been dreaming the same dream. I’m in the apartment in which my childhood passed. Something calls me to the street, but I can’t bother up the window, because the windowsill barely comes to me to the waist. I depart back so as not to fall. And then the building suddenly leans forward, and the dark emptiness attracts me. I shudder and wake up at that very moment when I feel that she sculp into it. This dream is repeated so often that I perceive it as a kind of message ".


What does dream mean

Your intuition does not deceive you. Nightmares often warn us about the danger that we do not notice. What a danger is regularly repeated in your life?

You told on the phone that your childhood passed in a disadvantaged atmosphere. You, sister and brother lived in a constant alarm next to an indifferent mother, unable to express any feelings. Your father was interested in you no more than my mother – he was an alcoholic and suffered severe illness. As a result, you lived like three orphans, and you, the older sister, took care of the younger. Later you married a man who behaved irresponsibly. Now you have created a new family with another man, the father of four children. And again took care of everything. From an early age you are a daughter and mother in one person, take care of the family. Becoming an adult, you again, which supports everyone, but you have no one who supported you.

The last time this dream came to you, you just received a position to which they sought. But admitted to me that you are afraid to rejoice when something good happens to you – we fear how your happiness did not cause a mountain of someone from your loved ones. It is this situation that is expressed in a dream. If you allow yourself to answer the tempting calls of life, that calls you outside, – the floor goes under the legs and the emptiness absorbs you. That is, you are sure that those who you answer will not stand it. Why in your dream the house that would have to be a refuge turns out to be so dangerous? Maybe this is a reminder of the situation you survived in childhood when you could only count on myself to raise my brother and sister? Not only.

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