What does sleep mean: "I have sex with my father"

Such a dream may not be frightened or get to doubt your own mental health. In fact, our unconscious gives us a prompt. It remains to decipher – what.

Anna, 23 years old

"The second time it dreams that I have sex with my father. In a dream it seems to me that this is normal, right and better of the possible options. What is my problem? I am brought up in rigor – dad for me has always been and there is a unlimited and main judge of all my actions. I do not decide to argue with him, I can always disobey. To communicate with the boys forbade from school, the precipitate remained to this day. Insecurity and fears. There is still no serious relationship, and I have finished school for a long time. ".


It looks very similar that your unconscious gives you to know that you are investing too much in the father’s complex, that is, in a relationship with the Father. Let’s see what words you describe your relationship with him. You are brought up in rigor, dad has always been and there is a "adamer judge" of all your actions.

You agree that you are always and for everything you need to judge? What you need is an outdated "Justice Agency" that you will not handle without dad’s supervision? And even now, when you grew up?

The rigor and prohibitions communicate with the boys seem to have so far, as if boys – a dangerous kind of people who need to fear and beware, otherwise it will happen that? Something necessarily bad?

What does dream mean

Your unconscious gives you a hint already the fact that you perceive what happens in a dream, as something right and the best possible. Until you put doubt on the legitimacy of the daddy pressure and the right to dispose of your life, the danger of what you cannot find suitable relationships will remain.

Unless dad will take care of this; This also happens – when parents choose a partner, saying: "This person suits you".

You ask: "What is my problem?»You need to ask yourself such a question:" Do I want to get rid of the fact that someone, even if Dad knows always better than me, what comes me, what is good and that bad for me?"

If you don’t want to change it, then I would say that this is really a problem. If you write this letter as a question that you do, – I would advise you to find the opportunity to work with a psychologist to figure out that yours, and what is imposed, the "top" is descended, but with what you just live, without criticizing how proper and only true.

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