What does sleep mean: "I often dream snakes"

Often we dream about what we thought immediately before bedtime. Or something that we could not throw out of the head throughout the day. It seems quite logical. But why in dreams there are things that have nothing to do with our lives? For example, snake?

Svetlana, 27 years old: "I have a snake all the time. For example, I go and feel that the earth moves, I look – under my feet carpet from black and white snakes. Or me for the birthday of the birthday of a live snake. And this time I dreamed that I was struggling with a snake, which almost with me. I pushing her from myself and scream loudly to scare. And then I remember that snakes deaf. I woke up, my fingers are still crossed, so I clung to her. I’m not afraid I’m not afraid. Why don’t they dream all the time?"

"Snakes – frequent guests of our dreams. Apparently, the nature of the sleep itself, elusive and fluid, is close to their nature. Like other characters, the snake does not indicate something unequivocally, but collects many motifs in itself. Let’s remember some of them.

So, the snake is a threat: she can harm, bite and poison poison or strangle in death. But the snake is the symbol of immortality, as it resets the old skin and as if reborn again. Snake poison can be fatal, but it makes medicines, saving life.

What does dream mean

Snake – a tricky, insidious and seductive, as a snake-tempter of the Bible, and at the same time wise: in the fairy tales of the snakes often help the heroes. Snake Archaichna, Cool, primitive. But at the same time, it is warm and alive, as our inner energy, which yoga is called "Kundalini Snake".

Snake is directly associated with phallus and male strength and at the same time is an ancient symbol of the female energy of the mother of the Earth. It is no coincidence that Boris Grebenshchikov sings: "Every woman should have a snake, it’s more than you, it is more than me".

According to the Egyptian legend, the goddess Isida – the patroness of femininity and motherhood – decided to take possession of the secret name of the Supreme God of the Republic of Armenia to become the Mrs and Heaven. She put a snake on the road, which was blinded from clay and saliva of God himself. Snake bites RA, and he, trying to get rid of unbearable pain, issued his name and lost power.

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