What does your voice say

You like the sound of your own voice? To be in Lada with him and himself – this is the same, says the famous French phoniatre Jean Abibol. Facts and conclusions from the practice of a specialist.

Young woman insisted: "You hear? I have such a low voice that on the phone they take me for a man. Okay, I’m a lawyer, and to work it well: I win almost all cases. But in life this voice bothers me. And he does not like my friend!"

Leather jacket, short, angular movement … The woman looked like a young man by the fact that said in a low voice with a slight huskiness: such voices are in strong personalities and heavy smokers. Foniators examined her voice ligaments and found only a slight swelling, which, however, is almost always observed in those who smoke a lot. But the patient asked to make her surgery to change the "male" timbre.

Jean Abibol refused her: for the operation there was no medical testimony, besides, he was sure that the change of voice would change the patient’s personality. Abitbol – Otolaryngologist, Foniatra, Pioneer in Voice Surgery. He is the author of the "Vocal Research in Dynamics". Hearing a doctor that her personality and voice fit perfectly to each other, a woman-lawyer disappointed.

What does your voice say

Almost a year later in the doctor’s office, the calling soprano was called – it belonged to a girl with hair to the shoulders, in a beige dress from Muslen. Abitbol first did not even recognize his former patient: she persuaded another doctor to operate her, and the specialist coped perfectly with the work. The new voice demanded a new appearance – and the appearance of a woman has changed surprisingly. She became another – more feminine and soft, but, as it turned out, these changes were for her disaster.

"In a dream, I speak my former low voice," she sadly admitted. – And in reality began to lose processes. I became some kind of helpless, I do not have enough pressure, irony, and I have a feeling that I don’t protect someone, but I still defend all the time. I just do not know myself ".

What does your voice say

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