What explains excessive love for … chocolate?

It turns out that the characteristics of the character of a person affect its food addiction. For example, neurotic features explain excessive love for cheese and chocolate.

Researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology sent three questionnaires at random addresses. The first was devoted to clarifying the characteristics of the character of a person, the second – habits associated with food, the third – food preferences. Scientists were interested in the connection of personal traits of the so-called five-factor model (extroversion, goodwill, conscientiousness, openness of new and neuroticity) with food behavior.

We are what we eat

Researchers discovered a lot of interesting links. For example, "people with a low indicator of good faith eaten impulsively and often lose control of delicious food over themselves, – explains the main author of the research Carmen Keller (Carmen Keller). – And neurotics often eat too many calorie products, trying to cope with negative emotions ". Extraversion, which, in contrast to unscrupulousness and neuroticity, is usually considered positive quality, it also can lead to unhealthy behavior. Extraverats are usually overeating due to external reasons, such as a pleasant taste or smell, and also because of the fact that they often eat unhealthy food outside the house.

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What explains excessive love for ... chocolate

Diet, farewell?

In general, it can be concluded that certain personal qualities can be considered as risk factors provoking the improper attitude towards food. "These results are another proof that the human attitude to their health, in particular nutrition, is closely related to such personal characteristics as good faith and neuroticity," Tim Bogg says, a psychologist from Wayne University in Michigan says. – It is already clear that the ability of a person to emotional self-regulation and self-control is no less important to maintain healthy nutrition than just counting calories or a refusal of harmful products ".

In other words, in order To keep your weight in the norm, it is very important to understand yourself, to understand how we react to stress at work, or how we behave at a party, seeing the mountain of food. Fiona Johnson from London University College, who studies food behavior adds that personal traits change little during life and overcome their negative impact may be difficult. Well, we will wait for new studies, thanks to which it will be clear how they still adhere to a healthy lifestyle and ignore the requirements of the body "Eat something delicious".

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