What help need a person in a stressful situation?

Stress is a typical organism reaction for atypical situations or events. If a person survived stress or be in his condition and decided that he needed a specialist help, then how to understand how specialist should contact?

For a person who felt the inner state of dissatisfaction with any qualities of his personality or features of the character that create discomfort in everyday life or in communicating with people necessary and sufficient may be the help of a psychologist. If a person needs to change the structure of his personality to improve the quality of life, then it is necessary to contact the psychotherapist.

When a person already has severe consequences of stressing on his body, then for help he needs to go to a clinical psychotherapist. In cases where the psychotrauming disorder comes – the psyche breakdown (illness), only a psychiatrist can help. But in the case of a psychotrauming disorder and the occurrence of the disease, a person is unable to adequately assess its condition. Help him contact a specialist in this case will be the task of his relatives and loved ones.

What help need a person in a stressful situation

In a person who is long in stress, the deformation of perception occurs and it perceives any impact as stressful. What happens briefly is a stress reaction, and the prolonged consequences of stress is the state of latent stress or "constant combat readiness". Being in stress (short or latent), a person becomes a result-oriented result, he seems to not notice or pays attention to what is happening around, on its own mental state or well-being. After the end of the impact of stress, a person begins to notice the processes occurring around him and with his participation, begins to pay attention to himself, take care of itself.

If a person is in stressful condition or suffered any mental injury, for example, the loss of someone from the loved ones, then the people who surround it without being experts and wanting to talk to him about it, can harm him (retraumatize). If with stress to give a man "Pink", then it leaves the state of stress to the state of mental injury. To help a person in a state of severe stress or a traumatic situation, it is necessary to sympathize with a psycho-emotional level, that is, to empathize, but not to disassemble the situation.

What help need a person in a stressful situation

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