What "hidden" in the room apartment on Feng Shui

Classics say that any theater begins with hangers. If you think about the house, it is exactly starting with the entrance door. And on what room on it is written, it depends so much as experts on Feng Shui. What could mean simple figures, what secrets hide and what energy is given not only to the dwelling itself, but also everyone who is in it?

Secrets of numbers: Why do the Chinese believe in it?

Despite the fact that the numbers paid attention to all times and in all corners of the globe, this faith is especially strong in China. There for a long time no one surprises the desire to change the phone number to a more favorable, for example, without four, denoting "death". And for the car number in this densely populated country, the most real bidding for considerable money can be held.

Highly qualified specialists in the field of numerology, think over the entire apartment on Feng Shui, ranging from a special direction of the information flow and ending with the strengthening of specific zones. At the same time, professionals do not focus on some special knowledge that can be amented human logic, and simply believe in the end result – and all.

And the result in most cases is very important: the sale of talents and the involvement of life success in general.

How to "read" the cipher of your dwelling?

Apartment number on Feng Shui is the addition of all the numbers that are part of the postal address, that is, the rooms at home, the housing (if available) and the apartment as such. If there are letters in the house in the house, they also need to take into account using a special table.

Thus, if you live in the house 72, the hull "A", in the apartment 25, then the correct calculations look like this:


7 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 5. The result obtained is 17 – you need to lead to an unambiguous value, t.E. 1 + 7 = 8.

Values ​​of numbers: what is it, the perfect apartment room?

    Unit – This is a symbol of independence, which is patronized by our main star – the sun, which promises a very strong energy. Implementation of creative potential, the joy of life – all this fertile soil for the residents of creative professions – artists, artists, writers. In such a house, there is always a lightweight, carefree atmosphere, opened by any guest, but only if the owner is a good heart man.

Wealth Nude here simply unreal, but there is an atmosphere for learning, spiritual development. In view of such advantages, it is an ideal place for religious people, askets and hermits. Also, the number of seven will help those who seek to become a pros in some one thing that requires frequent stops.


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