What hides the hypochondria?

Doctors dislike such patients for meticulousness, and loved ones are wondering why a person comes up with illness, if his health can be envied. Psychologist Svetlana Kuznetsova tells what the alarm of hypochondrik is connected and why it is so difficult for him to cope with it.

Worry about health normally, but to prevent the development of a dangerous disease, doctors recommend to pass the surveys in a timely manner. But in the case of hypochondria, health concerns resemble obsession: even a minor symptom is able to cause severe alarm.

“A man suffering from Hypochondria feels that he is definitely there is some kind of illness, but he does not know what, – the psychologist Svetlana Kuznetsova says. – He is afraid that if he does not find him, it will face serious consequences. “.

The desire to carefully examine the body is accompanied by anxiety, but its roots are not necessarily related to health. Such an obsessive concern speaks of the presence of an internal conflict.

What hides the hypochondria

Often man and himself can not formulate what exactly it is disturbing. However, the feeling of “something is wrong” makes you look for the problem, including visiting doctors and turning on the Internet. But it never succeeds in finding the answer, since it lies in another sphere that is not related to physical health.

Svetlana Kuznetsova emphasizes that the true problem may concern any area: relationships in the family, work or general dissatisfaction with how the life takesides. Sometimes the suffering of hypochondria sighs with relief when his diagnosis is not confirmed, but this state lasts long. Since find out what the cause of anxiety, he was still failed, anxiety increases with a new force.

There is a different situation: it does not realize himself, a person wants the doctors to confirm the presence of the disease – after all, he appears the opportunity to hope for help and care for loved ones. In this case, the search for the disease also becomes a secondary task, while a deeper need – feel the compassion of others.

What hides the hypochondria
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