What hidjab hides

For many of us, Parandzha is a symbol of non-free and enslavement, and how they perceive their body to those who wears?

Psychologists from the University of Westminster interested, Which of women is more dissatisfied with their body – those whose forms are only slightly guessed for the folds of clothing, or those who wear European clothes and even allows themselves piercing and tattoo? 369 women in the Hijabs were found on the streets of London (it turned out to be easy), and then 118 more Muslims in European clothing (1). The youngest of the participants were 18, the older 70, so the experiment can be considered clean. And extremely important, given how significant this trend is – dissatisfaction with its own appearance – in modern society and how many achievements of the cosmetic industry are obliged to her.

"To whom these women would like to be similar?"Asked the participants of both groups and offered them pictures, from the smallest girls in the style of Twiggy to the pushing health models Plus-Size. Ladies in the hijabs unexpectedly chose those who were close to the complex themselves: bbw – fatty, slender – thin.

"What are you afraid more: recover; eat something from what can be corrected; sit on the diet, but staying the same. "From the six points of this test about typically female fears, only 2.87 gained those who covered their body from prying views, and 3,58 participants in ordinary clothes.

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A shamelessly processed photo of beauties more than half of the participants in European clothes considered real. Moreover, they noted that it would be necessary to strive for such a figure, despite the fact that from the point of view of physiology such parameters of the human body in real life would be impossible.

What hidjab hides

As a result, contrary to assumptions, it turned out that the image of his own body, the idea of ​​itself was more negative from the Europeanized Muslims, and for women in traditional clothes, Hijab served as a kind of screen, for which they felt calmly and did not worry about outsiders, continuing to love themselves such as Allah created them.

Although everything is not so unequivocal: after all, the face remains open to the views of foreign! And the number of nasal form correction operations in Iran currently exceeds the number of operations in the United States in 7 (!) Once, for which this country has received the unlawful title of "World Capital Ripovesty". And the cosmetic industry in Arab countries is experiencing a real boom.

1. Viren Swami et al. "IS The Hijab Protective? An Investigation Of Body Image and Related Constructs Among British Muslim Women », British Journal Of Psychology, 2012.

What hidjab hides

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