What is as IMR and why many so like it?

In recent years, a lot of videos have appeared on YouTube, in which people are combined with lips, swallow the shore-like substances, rustle with plastic packages. In the title of these rollers there is always a mark of ASMR (ASMR). It seems like some kind of death, but for those who are susceptible to such stimuli, this is a simple and affordable way to deliver pleasure. Listening to these sounds, they plunge into real bliss, forgetting about everything.

It is not easy to understand what AsMR is, if you did not have experienced this unusual feeling created by certain sounds or images. In some, it causes a pleasant feeling of tingling in the head and helps to relax deeply or even fall asleep. And others, on the contrary, only annoying.

Many large brands have already adopted this technique, applying it in young people-oriented advertising. For example, in the advertising of MICHELOB Ultra beer, the actress Zoya Kravitz is a soft whisper talks about the advantages of this drink, slightly tapping the nails on the bottle. IKEA shot a 25-minute advertising film about furniture for hostels using ASMR techniques.

Scientists are trying to find out how and why these pleasant sensations arise and can ASMR be beneficial to health. So far, science is far behind the latest tendencies of Internet fashion. Until now, it has not been possible to get any evidence that this technique, according to some of its connoisseurs, helps from anxiety, depression, chronic pain or insomnia. But if you just want to relax and remove stress, there is nothing wrong with to see several ASMR-rollers.

What is as IMR and why many so like it

What is it generally?

The term "autonomous sensory meridional reaction" was invented in 2010. Many describe the feeling of deep relaxation and tingling in the back of the head, which occurs when exposed to certain stimuli, most often "soft" sounds. Some say that waves feel descending on the spine to the limbs. Sometimes these "electric" sensations are called an orgasm for the brain, although they do not necessarily wear a sexual character.

The feeling of tingling in the head can arise from certain touches – for example, when we wash your head with shampoo. Many have such a reaction can be viewed viewing videos with certain sounds and images.

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