What is better: love or be loved?

Understanding, caring, ready to get the moon from the sky – why we can be unhappy with the perfect partner, which have long been dreamed of?

Remember yourself in 14 years. You fell in love with a young man and though about it. Remember Butterflies in the stomach and days filled with dreams and Gresses? There was good time. Sometimes you want to return to him, because the older becomes, the more clearly we understand that the “butterflies” flew away, perhaps forever.

As we grow up, we are becoming more beautiful, smart, confident in our abilities, attractive in all respects. Men pay attention to us: give flowers, name is on dates. Someone from us gets a lot of love, but we will return this love?

Being older and meeting men, ready to move the mountains to be with us, giving a feeling of security, entertaining us, we still wonder if it is it? Is it worth being with those who love us more than we are? Where to share butterflies?

What is better to love or be loved

Of course, every woman dreams of an ideal man. But what needs much more, it is to love it. Wake up every day and feel happy, and not only because there is someone about you take care, but also because you feel a strong feeling. Love that changes, makes it stupid. Love that has no borders.

This is exactly what the majority wants, and because of this, relationships with “ideal” partners, ready for us on everything, do not fold. We feel guilty, telling them “no”, but we can not otherwise. Sometimes, how much is careful about us, does not play. Whatever he did, it will not be a nail, if we don’t love him.

The strangest thing is that we almost always fall in love with those who can not give anything, rejecting those who are ready to implement all the desires. But the heart does not order, and I choose love. And you?

What is better to love or be loved
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