"What is dangerous a big difference in age?"

3 years I live with a man who is 15 years older than me. We like it’s good, there is an understanding and interest. But I am tormented by questions about the difference in age, when I will be 55, he will already be 70. It becomes scary. He always says to me that he loves, but I don’t even know. When they met, there was a passion, and now I have dirty everything. Sometimes it seems that I am already old. Sometimes sellers in the store say it is my father or uncle. it scares. Tried to part with him, but he does not let go. I do not know whether I should live with him. He is good, brought up, smart very. That would be 10 years old, it would be perfect! I do not know how to deal.

Age in itself is not a big problem. There are a lot of couples, happily living together with a difference of 10, 20 and even 30 years. After all, if people drew attention to each other, they felt kinship, stayed together for years, it means that they are in many ways of the peers, even though their "passport" age and differs.

Of course, it can generate a number of problems: the attitude of others, different fears, but there are problems in any way. In this sense, couples with a difference in age does not differ from a couple of people from different countries (different styles of upbringing, different hobbies). All of them need to deal with their differences to harmoniously embed them in their union.

What is dangerous big difference in age

In your letter, it seems that the problem of age is "facade", behind which your true feelings are hidden. If you store it for a while to the side, do not think about what will be in 55 (after all, you still do not know what will be in 55, even if your partner is as much as you: he can also get sick, go away, die earlier, and it is impossible to predict), do not think about non -actic sellers, how do you feel in this relationship? What are you feeling for this person?

Now these questions are as if closed from you as a question of age, but if you deny it for a while, which will remain in the end? Not the quality of the pupils and the mind of this person, namely your feelings, emotions, thoughts about him, next to him. What are you next to him? Try to spend such a mental experiment and see inside yourself answers to your questions.

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