What is harmful to us fructose

The benefits of fruits in which there are many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, no one is in doubt. But if after each peach or apple in the stomach, there is an unpleasant feeling, it is possible to pay attention to this.

Fructose is a natural monosaccharide, which is found in berries and fruits (in record quantities). Concentrated fructose add to industrialized processed products (semi-finished products, flakes, chips, fast food). It can be found in that food that is considered “healthy” (energy bars).

What is harmful to us fructose

How fruit sugar affects our body? “Fructose is processed in a small intestine with the help of the GLUT5 protein,” explains the dietist-nutritionist Eva Calinik (EVE Kalinik). – If the protein is not enough, the fruit sugar goes into a colon, where the gases begin to be produced and accumulated under the influence of bacteria. The more untapped fructose falls into the lower part of the intestine, the worse: it leads to an increase in unwanted microorganisms and chronic discomfort – the bloating of the abdomen, diarrhea or a constation. Other signs may become fatigue and apathy, since the presence of fructose in the colon lowers the level of amino acid, from which the level of serotonin, “Hormon of happiness” depends. Fruit sugar sucking disorder (Malabsorption) should not be confused with the hereditary intolerance to fructose, much more serious violation.

What is harmful to us fructose
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