What is important to remember when the child goes to visit friends

For the development of social skills, a child must communicate with peers. One of the interaction aspects – visit hiking. But for parents, this event can become a source of additional stress, especially if the child goes to an unfamiliar house for the first time. Pediatricians tell what questions you need to ask the "host side".

"You have at home lately no one sick?"

The question is relevant during the seasonal flu epidemic and colds. Denis Copenhever Pediatrician brings up a two-year-old son and, accompanying him to other children, always clarifies who from adults will be at home. He also asks if someone from family members did not pain, especially with high temperatures.

"You limit the access of children to a computer, TV and other devices?"

What is important to remember when the child goes to visit friends

Pediatrician and mother of two children with solves bass advises to clarify how children plan to spend time together. This will help to understand if they are risking whether they encounter something inappropriate: "They will visit all this time, bolding into their phones, or will watch movies? It all depends on how suits parents. But if children are going to watch movies, I would like to know what exactly. What age restrictions from this film?"

Pediatrician, father of three children Justin Smith advises just directly ask how children will be engaged: "In some families, they do not object to the children to play unattended, do not control what they watch on TV and what are engaged in a computer. Now, when the children became older, we look less behind them, but still check what they look at which sites come and what games are choosing ".

Pediatrician Hai Kao – Father 8-year-old daughter. When she goes to other children, he always clarifies how much time they will be allowed to carry out the screen, to which sites will be accessible whether they will be safe, communicating on the Internet.

What is important to remember when the child goes to visit friends

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