What is insulation?

The mechanism consisting in the department of the idea or memory from the emotional tone, which they are accompanied by. The content of thoughts is thus exempt from disturbing and unpleasant emotional loads.

In other words, this is the liberation of a particular understanding of feelings in order to overcome fear and other painful mental states inherent.

Isolation is very diverse: the surgeon could not work effectively if it was constantly configured to the physical suffering of patients or their own disgust. The general will not be able to develop a battle strategy if he has been drawn by the horrors of war before his eyes all the time; Investigators can investigate crimes related to violence, only by composing composure.

Isolation is very important in terms of adaptation in extreme situations. Removing from consciousness not all experience of experience, but only his emotional importance people get the opportunity to safely act in the crisis situation.

What is insulation

This defense can be central and in the absence of injury – as a result of the mutual imposition of a certain style of education and individual temperament of the child. We all know people who declare that they have no emotional response to things that most of us have very strong feelings.

Isolation is considered the simplest of "Intellectual Protection", as well as the basis in the mechanism of action of such psychological operations as intellectualization, rationalization and moralization.

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