More efficient: work faster or longer?

Question of time management in our active life is very relevant. Someone under pressure of compressed timing works more efficiently. Someone needs time to think. Both strategies have their psychological price. What choose you?

I would like to fulfill the planned tasks and not distracted by new and spontaneous! But alas: no matter how well we planned the day, it is unlikely to pass on the specified schedule. There is always something or someone who will adjust this plan. So the life is arranged, and the workflow is not an exception.

Each of us has their own rhythm. Pressure that suddenly occurs in the form of additional tasks, often leads to the fact that we work faster or longer to perform daytime "norm".

For someone regimen the regime – an additional incentive. Stress motivates, improves performance and perceived as a challenge. But psychologists do not recommend using such a pressure as a permanent means for strong motivation. Although the recent study revealed the advantages of stressful factor, respondents who have worked in this mode, have noted a rise in voltage and irritability.

What is more efficient to work faster or longer

In the event of additional tasks, two strategies are possible: someone is trying to dial the speed, and someone remains in the usual pace, delayed in the office and spends more time.

How these strategies affect well-being? 100 respondents, employees of five different state organizations in Germany, were invited to keep a diary, where they recorded observations on them twice a day.

Researchers were interested in which strategy enhances motivation, and which leads to greater irritability and decrease in the level of personal well-being. Participants answered questions within ten days: once immediately after the end of the working day and the second time shortly before sleep. Psychologists asked if they experienced the pressure of the Deadline, as far as they were immersed in their activities and whether they had enough strength.

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