What is sexism?

Many of us, of course, is familiar to this word, but to give him an accurate definition is not easy. Here are six sexist statements that women hear in their address every day – they weaken self-esteem and harm the psyche.

1. "For women, you are surprisingly coping with. "

Women who achieve success on a newly recent male field – science and sports, for example, – not get used to this "compliment on the contrary". Pronounce these indulgent words, many men, on the one hand, recognize female success, and on the other – immediately depreciate him. Have you ever met a man who, at least once they said that he did something well, despite the fact that he is a man?

2. "Take it easy"

When men with passion express their opinion, it goes in plus. When women do this, their words and opinions, anxiety or enthusiasm often do not take seriously, relating to their female "sensitivity". Talk to women to relax or calmed down when they express their opinions, especially in a professional environment, it means to interfere with it.

3. "Smile!"

What is sexism

Many women will say that they have repeatedly heard a similar phrase when for some reason they allowed themselves neutral, non-modest, thoughtful or angry facial expression. At the same time, it does not matter for what reason: perhaps a woman just walked down the street, drove into the subway or focused on current affairs. Be that as it may, if she does this without a smile, according to many, she challenges the female "duties" look cute and friendly.

Artist Tatiana Fazlalizhad, who appealed to this topic in the project "Stop talking to women, so that they smile," how it is impossible to express the problem better: "When a man tells a woman" smile ", it is unlikely that he wants to encourage her. Rather, it is about demonstrating its strength and control. He wants her to look more feminine towards him. He is trying to make her look like him nice. Women should smile only when they have the appropriate mood ".

4. "Cool … (hereinafter following any part of the body)"

A recent study conducted by Cornell University found that 85% of American women are subjected to sexual harassment on the streets even before reaching 17 years.

What is sexism

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