What is the attractiveness of "chanson"?

The songs of the criminal themes are coming today from each second car, and the annual Radio Chanson concerts collect Achlags, despite the fact that ticket prices are very high. The paradox is that the overwhelming majority of admirers of a closer song do not have criminal experience and are not ready to directly relate themselves to her heroes. So forcing law-abiding citizens to listen to this music? We asked to comment on this phenomenon of specialists.

"In criminal culture laid archetype of romance"

"The passion for thorough topics is first of all the testimony of thrust to liberty, to the exit beyond the limits and stereotypes. Interest in crime culture existed at all times, since it was in her purest form that the archetype of romance was traced: escape from conventions, breakthrough to freedom, in which a person needs regardless of the historical, economic and cultural context. And therefore, there is no difference in the functional sense between, say, the Cossack folklore, the song "Brigantine" and melodies that sound today at Radio Chanson.

"Chanson – the regeneration of the past"

What is the attractiveness of

"Chanson’s passion should be considered in a historical context. In the times of Stalinism, some intellectuals, like Vamlam Shalamov, occupied the position of the rejection of the thieves world. Others like Solzhenitsyn, considered the criminals almost as allies: time sit, it means, too, the enemies of Bolshevism. Continuing this line in the 60s, many thought: singing "cigarettes" – and as if bold, as if we condemn the regime. Today’s Fashion on "Blatnyak" – the szvuk of that tradition, so today "Chanson" is popular with people over 30. And young people prefer other music – they are no longer close "Blatnilla".

"We manage the desire to resemble people, a lot of experienced"

"First, the popularity of a closer song follows from the strengthened aspiration for individualization: listening to the music associated with the way of the offenders, a person declares its inactivity. In this capacity, the criminal topic always existed, but earlier interest in it was mainly teenagers. Today, when social regulators of our behavior have weakened, age qualifications increase, and "our chanson" continue to listen to even those who have long come out of transitional age. Secondly, everyone is nice to feel like a person who took place and a lot in life who experienced. And therefore, listening to Chanson, we as if we assign someone else’s experience, we become similar to people who have successfully tested life ".

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