What is joy? Parable "Sage and Runner"

One sage somehow led a monologue about getting pleasure from doing any action. In the course of the story, one of those present turned to him:
– Is it possible to receive pleasure by doing anything? I am a runner, but pleasure from my main occupation, run, do not get.

The sage did not answer, but simply offered to arrange a joint jog. They went outside and ran. The student immediately asked:
– What is our goal where we run?
– Just forward, no specific task.
– How can you run without purpose? Maybe at least, clarify the running time or running speed? Or we will run charming?
– If you want to run faster and with the goal, run to it, oh that tree on the hill. And meet in the same place.

When the sage came running to the meeting place, the runner said:
– In general, no joy and pleasure. Training as training.
Then the teacher suggested entering the house, which is located nearby. Here he was housing.
When they entered, the wife filed a delicious lunch. The student said:
– What a delicious Kushanye, I never eaten nothing like this!

What is the joy of parable

He chewed not in a hurry, enjoying the taste. The sage said:
– We will eat until the pot will empty half.
The student almost fed and was very surprised.
Teacher, seeing the expression of his face, said:
– Maybe you will give you a greater pleasure lunch in 10 minutes or eating chairs?

Runner understood the essence and laughed.
And the sage only said:
– joy lies in the act of action, and not as a result or invented meanings.

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