"What kind of people I’m made?"

There are among our life skills that we do not remember where they came from. Well, now I’m at the computer key and at the same time I eat a fork – and when and how I studied it to use, forgot. And computer, to be honest, too.

But about the shoelaces – I remember. Who and how tormented me so that the bows do not spat. I remember – but I will not say.

And the burner to light up, so that dinner to warm up, – Oh, I was ready to stay hungry, just not this horror. Tears dripped on a lit match, she Gasla, then a new match, and she had time to burn and burn her fingers while I tried to twist a tight handle on the Soviet plate … but now the laces, and the burners – all my.

I always wanted to calculate those people about who I remember or outbreaks suddenly remember that he or she taught me something very concrete.

As I see the moment when my mother’s mother in the sandbox is drawn personally for me "A" – and I remember her. Not mom and letter. And any further "a" in my life – it turns out, from her, this mother, thanks to her, and she does not know about it.

I am all compiled from such gestures of other people in relation to me. And when a hot porridge deftly from the edges, a thin ribbon in a circle, without burning, is thanks to someone who I do not remember.

And when today in the school, I was sewn broken pocket "For the needle", suddenly remembered the teacher Mary Petrovna, who at the labor lessons this seam was made to do us – through "I can’t" … I want to make such a notebook, so that you can always wear with you and remember.

What kind of people I'm made

What kind of people I’m made? Who needed to bother me? Somehow it turns out I have a whistle in the blade? And the worm on the hook, I wear pretty deftly – and once they, like the very laces, tried to eat ..

However, the desire is never carried out year after year, and the next memories turn out to be unspecified. Maybe it is worth remembering only strong influences, something cool changes in fate – and even the rest of the humus of existence let the soil and remains? Do I need to consider it under the microscope? The main thing is that the soil is, it makes you the basis of you yourself, the layer is replenished with each day. And who exactly are you – it is important?

After all, you are also entering by nameless parts into the life of other people. How many will remember you? Although, of course, I would like to remember, and many, what is there.

But by the way, and reason. Recently, one person taught me to cut a plane figure of any form into two equal part over the area. If suddenly someone’s knowledge is missing for happiness, I can share. And you definitely remember that they found out from me, yes?

What kind of people I'm made

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