"Who am I for a man – a woman or friend?"

We communicate with a man, bind working moments. He is always ready to help and I really like, but I can not understand who I am for him. Seeing several times a month, talking for a long time, he pours my soul, talking a lot about the work. It makes me think that I am more like a friend – "vest". At the same time, comes for me to the other end of the city, takes there, where I need, congratulates with all the holidays. A couple of times demonstrated jealousy, but the steps do not meet. From the unknownness was angry, and it’s not enough to ask about the spirit. Throw out the head either does not work.

The man, as you think, sends you dual signals: On the one hand, it demonstrates the location, on the other – does not make obvious steps towards. It seems to be your interest, and torments the unknown.

Unfortunately, no one besides the man himself can accurately answer the question, whether he has a response sympathy for you, who are you for him. You can only assume and guess, build hypotheses, but it seems that it does not shed light on the situation. You write that it’s not enough to ask the Spirit directly, but after all, and continue to live in the unknown, I seem to do not like.

You have two options: continue to live in ignorance and fantasies or clarify the situation. What do you feel with the thought that you need to ask a man directly? Why do you so hard to decide to make clarity? What are you afraid of?

Who am I for a man - a woman or friend

Maybe while you think about this man, languish waiting for rare meetings, fantasize about him, you like there is some kind of joint story – let the imaginary. That he may also experience similar feelings, not deciding not to admit. You are afraid to lose this story, if you specify a direct question?

Are you afraid of real relationships? Their currents, sometimes unpredictable? Or are afraid of failure, the man does not have sympathy for you? Or fear show your interest?

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