Who are able to love daffodils?

These people think only about themselves. Those who entrenched them often regret what they did. And who attracts the daffodils themselves? Who do they like and why? We asked readers to share their experience in relationship with the most irresistible and cold.

Narcissus + Empat

Many articles are written that selfish daffodils love society of good and warm people. Their insatiable ego "feeds" by care and compassion. A high probability to get out of such relationships with the feeling of "use" – squeezed and empty.

"My ex-girlfriend is a narcissistic, arrogant and selfish, able to be charming and cute for its benefit. People were interested in only two reasons. Or they could bring her benefit, and then she included her charm.

Or they could enter her "Sweet" – and then, no matter, friendly relationships were either romantic, the scenario was obtained alone. She showed interest, went on rapprochement and "won" a man to play with him as a cat with a mouse, then shortening, then increasing the distance, "says 38-year-old Denis.

Narcissus + Narcissus

What happens when Narcissus meets Narcissa? Is attraction between them between them, or, on the contrary, they will not suffer next to the "twin"?

"Once I saw she communicates with another daffodil, an even more unsteady and arrogant brother of our girlfriend, – continues Denis. – We spent weekend outdoor, and I watched them. It reminded the dance of two cob. They poisoned the hoods, showing their strengths, but at the same time demonstrating mutual respect. By the end of the weekend, they were completely fascinated by each other. ".

Who are able to love daffodils

In 2016, researcher Alex Burton together with John Milton Adams and his colleagues from the faculty of psychology of the University of Alabama published the results of the project 1 under the odious name: "You remind me of someone delightful". The project helped to understand why and to what extent such identities can like each other.

"I love yourself"

The study was estimated by the reactions of people of a narcissistic type on actors, showing narcissistic or "anti-cancellation" behavior. It turned out that such attracts like this. And the sympathy of daffodils to a similar in a warehouse. People are due to those perceived by their similarity.

"The theory of narcissistic tolerance", as psychologists say, explains why even the most unbearable, annoying other people’s people can cause sympathy in people with the same personality warehouse. Those features that they take in themselves and consider their strong parties like them in others.

Who are able to love daffodils

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