Who are afraid of teenagers

My working hypothesis was as follows: modern children entertain too much, as a result they do not know how to take themselves, avoid meeting themselves, from which, in turn, their inner world do not know at all and even fear.

Under the terms of the experiment, the participant agreed to spend eight hours (continuously) alone, with himself, without using any means of communication (telephone, Internet), not including computer or other gadgets, as well as radio and TV. All other human classes – game, reading, letter, craft, drawing, modeling, singing, muscy, walking and t. D. – were permitted.

During the experiment, participants could, at will, could make records of their condition, actions, about thoughts.

Strictly for the next day after the experiment, they had to come to my office and tell me how everything went.

In the event of strong voltage or other disturbing symptoms, the experiment should immediately stop and record time and, if possible, the reason for its termination.

In my experiment, they participated mainly teenagers who come to me in the clinic. Their parents were warned and agreed to provide their children eight hours of loneliness.

All this idea seemed to me completely safe. I admit: I was wrong.

68 adolescents aged 12 to 18 years of adolescent participated in the experiment: 31 Boy and 37 Girls. Brought the experiment to the end (that is, eight hours stayed alone with them) Three teenagers: two boys and a girl.

Seven withstood five (or more) hours. The rest are less.

The causes of the interruption of the experiment adolescents were explained very monotonous: "I could no longer", "It seemed to me that I would blow up", "My head burst".

Twenty girls and seven boys have experienced straight vegetative symptoms: heat feeding or chills, dizziness, nausea, sweating, dry mouth, tremor or lips, pain in the abdomen or chest, feeling "Moveings" Hair on the head.

Almost everything was experiencing anxiety, fear, five days that came almost to acute "Panic Attack".

Troy has suicidal thoughts.

The novelty of the situation, the interest and joy of meeting with you disappeared almost all by the beginning of the second and third hour. Only ten people from those who interrupted the experiment felt anxiety through three (and more) hour of loneliness.

Who are afraid of teenagers

The heroic girl, who brought the experiment to the end, brought me a diary in which she described his fortune in detail every eight hours. Here already hair has shought me (from horror).

  • Prepared meals, ate;
  • Read or tried to read,
  • They did some school tasks (it was on vacation, but many of despair have grabbed textbooks);
  • Looked out the window or walked around the apartment;
  • They went outside and went to the store or cafe (it was forbidden to communicate with the terms of the experiment, but they decided that sellers or cashirds were not counted);
  • Folded puzzles or constructor "Lego";
  • Painted or tried to draw;
  • Washed;
  • Retired in a room or apartment;
  • Played with a dog or a cat;
  • Engaged on simulators or made gymnastics;
  • Recorded their feelings or thoughts, wrote a letter on paper;
  • Played on the guitar, piano (one – on the flute);
  • Three wrote poems or prose;
  • One boy traveled almost five hours around the city on buses and trolley buses;
  • One girl embroidered on canvas;
  • One boy went to the park of attractions and for three hours I was silent before it began to tear;
  • One young man was held Petersburg from the end to the end, about 25 km;
  • One girl went to the Museum of Political History and another boy – in the zoo;
  • One girl prayed.

After stopping the experiment, 14 adolescents were climbed on social networks, 20 called friends on a mobile phone, three called parents, five went to friends home or into the yard. The rest turned on the TV or plunged into computer games. In addition, almost everything and almost immediately turned on the music or put in the ears headphones.

All fears and symptoms disappeared immediately after the experiment stops.

63 adolescent rearly recognized experiment useful and interesting for self-knowledge. Six repeated him on their own and claim that from the second (third, fifth) it turned out.

When analyzing that happened to them during the experiment, 51 people consumed phrases "addiction", "It turns out, I can’t live without ..", "dose", "broken", "Cancellation syndrome", "I need all the time ..", "Peer with needles" and T. D. Everything, without exception, was told that they were terribly surprised by those thoughts that came to them in the process of the experiment, but did not manage them carefully "consider" Due to the deterioration of the general condition.

One of two boys who have successfully completed the experiment, all eight o’clock glued the model of the sailing ship, with a break for food and a walk with a dog. Another (the son of my friends – researchers first disassembled and systematized his collections, and then transplanted flowers. None nor the other experienced no negative emotion in the experiment process and did not notice the emergence "strange" Thoughts.

Having received such results, I, honestly, was frightened a little. Because the hypothesis of the hypothesis, but when it is confirmed like this … But it is still necessary to consider that in my experiment, not everything is in a row, but only those who are interested in and agreed.

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